10 unique YouTube Channels to increase Your Graphic Design Skills

10 unique YouTube Channels to increase Your Graphic Design Skills

Youtube is filled with graphic design tutorials, courses, videos, etc, and you may also be a subscriber to some of them. However, I made a list of ten unique YouTube channels to increase Your Graphic Design Skills like branding, Poster design, UI/UX design, etc. Let’s take a look at them.

Satori Graphics

I have been following Satori Graphics from the day he started, its a home of graphic design content right here on Youtube. His aim is to help you become the best designer that you can be, with comprehensive tutorials across the Adobe Creative Suite, as well as speed art videos and much more.

Official Website: www.satorigraphics.net


Daniel White is a designer who loves to share his experience and helps aspiring creatives to develop their skills. He joined youtube on Joined Oct 1, 2014, and he already posted 560 Videos.

Offical Website: www.foreverdansky.com

Swerve Tutorials

Swerve®, Graphic Design Tutorials & Inspiration for new Designers; Learn how to use Photoshop & Illustrator. Logo Design, Techniques, Product Design, and Illustrations.

Made by Mighty

This channel focuses on graphic design tutorials and resources for beginners and senior designers. You will find Adobe Photoshop tutorials, Adobe Illustrator tutorials and speed art videos covering hand lettering, logo design, animation and more.

Ian Barnard

Ian Barnard is mainly focused on hand lettering, calligraphy, and typography. He started the youtube channel Joined Nov 21, 2011, and he has uploaded around 107 videos so far.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ianbarnard

Will Paterson

Will is a freelance Graphic Designer specializing in Logo Design and Brand Identity. He walks through the Graphic Design Career, giving you an in-depth and personal perspective of working within Graphic Design.

Official Website: www.willpaterson.design

Matt Borchert

Matt Borchert is a designer from Minneapolis, Minnesota with a wide range of design experience from print to web. His goal is to teach you tips and tricks to work faster, show you how to create cool design objects quickly, and provide you with high-quality tools that help get the job done.

Official Website: www.mattborchert.com

Howard Pinsky

Howard Pinsky is a Senior XD Evangelist at Adobe, focusing on Adobe XD and Photoshop. This channel offers tutorials on various subjects, such as UI/UX, web/app design, photo composition, photo retouching, the basics of photoshop, designing, special effects, and more.

Official Website: www.iceflowstudios.com

Teela Cunningham

Teela Cunningham is a weekly how to channel for Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and hand lettering. Tutorials range for all skill levels, providing quick tips and tricks to give you confidence for whatever you make.

Official Website: www.every-tuesday.com

Yes I’m a Designer

Martin Perhiniak is a Certified Adobe Design Master and Instructor. He was voted to be one of the top 10 Adobe instructors in the world by student feedback in 2015. Martin will teach you a lot about design principles, compositional techniques and plenty of best practices that he picked up and developed.

Additional Mentions

Dooodle Buzz

It is our website’s official youtube channel which focused on Graphic design, illustration, and the process involved in it. Videos will be uploaded every Wednesday. Freebies will be given in the video.

Cosmin Serban

He really enjoys the design process of creating logos, illustrations and landing pages from scratch by using either Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator CC, so from time to time he records some of his favorite projects

Do you know any other youtube Channel

So, above are the youtube channel, which helped me in shaping my graphic design Skills and hope it helps you too. If you have your own inspiring youtube, please share it in the youtube channel, it might help myself and others. Please sign for my newsletter. Thank you have a great day.


Hi there, I'm Louis from India. I help young Graphic designer by sharing my inspiration, tutorials, freebies in my blog & youtube.

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